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Nothing to show here

Sorry for the lack of updates. My private life was a mess lately and I couldn’t really find any kind of distraction. I painted a lot less stuff than usual. It’s stupid that creative things are always connected to your mood, isn’t it?

So have these few pictures here.


Long time no see

I’m kinda stuck… Feels like I’m not going in any direction with my studies. Ugh. I don’t know where to go, it’s so much DDD:
Anyway, have some random stuff, (movie) studies, some WIP!love – which I won’t finish I guess – and some more Femshep/Liara goodness. Oh, I love that couple. LEAVE ME BE KTHX.

So boring

I’m sorry that I don’t have any cool stuff to show you (expect for the Femshep/Liara painting maybe, but I don’t know if that’s considered cool). I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the things I could study and in the end I draw nothing :B Maybe I can force myself to actually achieve something over the next few days.

I want to be a drawing machine

I will do the concept art for an indie game, ffffff. Ya rly! And I’m totally excited! But I have to practice so much more, raaaah! Battle mode! D:<
The cat belongs to my brother and is named Zelda, haha, my god, we are nerds. My first cats will be called Liara and Tali, that’s for sure.

The ending I hoped for

I don’t feel like drawing today, but I finished this one yesterday, so I will share it with you. My personal (happy/bittersweet) ME3 ending – I don’t have to say anything, do I?
Oh, BioWare.

You’re doing it wrong, brain!

Considering I’m practicing heads in different angles and then paint portraits which have nothing to do with it. Whut. I used reference for Thane, Liara is completely from mind.
And I saw a cat today! Yay! Cats and penguins are the best animals on this little blue planet, hands down. I should draw penguins.

Fanart attack!

Can’t get enough of this ;^ ;