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Nothing to show here

Sorry for the lack of updates. My private life was a mess lately and I couldn’t really find any kind of distraction. I painted a lot less stuff than usual. It’s stupid that creative things are always connected to your mood, isn’t it?

So have these few pictures here.



It’s been over a month. I’m not really productive at the moment, I’m sorry~ D: Blergh.

Long time no see

I’m kinda stuck… Feels like I’m not going in any direction with my studies. Ugh. I don’t know where to go, it’s so much DDD:
Anyway, have some random stuff, (movie) studies, some WIP!love – which I won’t finish I guess – and some more Femshep/Liara goodness. Oh, I love that couple. LEAVE ME BE KTHX.

I want to be a drawing machine

I will do the concept art for an indie game, ffffff. Ya rly! And I’m totally excited! But I have to practice so much more, raaaah! Battle mode! D:<
The cat belongs to my brother and is named Zelda, haha, my god, we are nerds. My first cats will be called Liara and Tali, that’s for sure.

A bit more colorful

I love the first Avatar series (no, not the blue smurf Pocahontas rip off shit) and I’m like orgasming about Legend of Korra. I just love her badass teenage “Fuck off, I destroy everything and scratch my ass when I’m supposed to meditate” attitude. I liked Aang but my favorite character was always Toph (besides Sokka), who was kinda similar to Korra, personality wise. And I admit – Korra is hot. Yeah, lol, firebender. But you get the point. And the show is fucking funny, guys.

Whatever, just wanted to tell you I’m a fan of this series – and the coolest thing is that they stick to handdrawn animation. THANK YOU IT LOOKS SO COOL. I mean, whoa (for everyone who can’t see it: Use ProxTube to avoid that GEMA shit):

Now, have some color studies (and one b/w). I have lots and lots of Mass Effect (and now Korra) fanart in mind and have to illustrate ideas for my novel but I’m still not good enough at rendering them, so I have to practice. Like always. And goddamnit, my wrist hurts from playing Yoshi’s Island today. What is wrong with me D: Has to be that shitty XBox-Controller.

And another fanart attack!

I just can’t help it, I’m sorry 😀 So much love for Liara and Tali~ I’m practicing Garrus already, so yeah. there will be a bit more variety with the next update. FemShep looks derp on the painting, because I concentrated too much on Liara.

But I was doing some studies, too, so don’t be mad at me, haha.

Why can’t the world be grey

Because it would be pretty boring I guess. But studying colors is so hard ;; Have some Tali and studies~