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Long time no see

I’m kinda stuck… Feels like I’m not going in any direction with my studies. Ugh. I don’t know where to go, it’s so much DDD:
Anyway, have some random stuff, (movie) studies, some WIP!love – which I won’t finish I guess – and some more Femshep/Liara goodness. Oh, I love that couple. LEAVE ME BE KTHX.


So boring

I’m sorry that I don’t have any cool stuff to show you (expect for the Femshep/Liara painting maybe, but I don’t know if that’s considered cool). I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the things I could study and in the end I draw nothing :B Maybe I can force myself to actually achieve something over the next few days.

And another fanart attack!

I just can’t help it, I’m sorry 😀 So much love for Liara and Tali~ I’m practicing Garrus already, so yeah. there will be a bit more variety with the next update. FemShep looks derp on the painting, because I concentrated too much on Liara.

But I was doing some studies, too, so don’t be mad at me, haha.

Lines and landscape

One day I will get better.

Draw 100! – Hands

I realized that I suck at drawing fingers, so I threw in some finger anatomy which I don’t count in. I still suck at hands but it takes more time and practice I guess 😀
First 75 are studies, last 25 are from mind.

Spring is here!

Art spirits are back! God, I like spring. It’s getting warmer and more colorful each day and you can hear the birds in the morning. I love this sound so much ❤

The human body has way too many muscles

Don’t you agree? But well, at least it’s a challenge 😀