I just can’t help it – I love Mass Effect so much

More stupid stuff. The reading Garrus is for a magazine I’m working for at the moment. Hurf durf.


5 responses to “I just can’t help it – I love Mass Effect so much

  • Another Gamer

    I love how your Garrus looks better than the real Garrus. And is that EDI and her lesbian lover? Hooray!

  • Another Gamer

    Augh it won’t let me delete that comment! I meant Femshep and Liara! Promise! Now I feel dumb -_-

    • christinedonath

      Haha, no worries. Yes, it’s FemShep/Liara as that was my OTP since ME1. It’s a scene at the end of LOTSB (well, she doesn’t wear the right clothes for that, but.. yeah), when Shepard thanks Liara for rescuing her body and risking her life. She puts the helmet on her head to tell her “You are the true hero”.
      EDI and her lesbian lover… would that be Traynor? 😀

      • Another Gamer

        LOTSB? Is that a book? Or DLC? I’m afraid I don’t recognize it. But that sounds delightful haha. And yes, it is Traynor! I only refer to her as the British Kelly Chambers.

      • christinedonath

        Lair of the Shadow Broker, it’s a DLC for Mass Effect 2 and personally I would say the best DLC for ME so far. It has cool fights, a car chase, a badass endboss and extremely funny dialogue at some points. Plus if you romanced Liara before the relationship is very well depicted.

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