Monthly Archives: January 2012

Rib cage, pelvis aaaand spine!

Have to do more scribbles from imagination after each chapter in “Design and Invention”. Expect some the next days :>
Also, another head.



Found some reference of those head sculptures and decided to give planar analysis a try. Also, a few gestures and a digi.

I went shopping

And got this! And two more sketchbooks :B

Time to fill them, yum yum yum.

Back to the roots!

I’m drawing seriously since I’m 16 but I never did any basics. Just some anatomy here and there but the fundamental stuff all seemed boring and uninteresting to me. Well, I had to pay the price. Drawing from imagination was almost impossible, I really had to struggle to get a decent result. Hopefully this will change now, as I’m willing to fight for my goals. It already excites me because this stuff is totally new for my brain, haha. Some of them are upside down or force you to tilt your head, I’m sorry.

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